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Spring Equinox ~ TIDE OF REBIRTH ~ March 20, 2019

The balance the Earth experiences at the moment of the Equinox is not separate from the rest of our lives, from our bodies, from our own individual motions and meditations.

Just as we are moved by the revolutions of the planets in the sky and shaped by the imprints of the constellating stars, we also are molded by the Earth’s dance around the Sun, the tilt of our planet’s axis, the greater movements that take us in and out of darkness through each day and across the year.

Spring has arrived! The Earth is in perfect alignment with the Sun’s center - today! The cells of our bodies awaken with this, responding to the grace and balance the Earth experiences in the heavens. The days continue to grow longer, the light expanding over the night in the Northern Hemisphere, and quiet pieces hidden in the dark months begin to show themselves. The prana in the air shifts and is flavored with spring blossoms, the changes of light and temperature register is our hearts, even in our genes.

Spring always exposes something. It exposes what’s been hidden underground, underneath the hard earth of winter. It reveals leaves on once-bare trees. It melts the frozen water and sends it rushing down mountains, flooding the land with ice-melt. Our bodies can’t help but move to the song of the the Earth and we feel this freshness, aliveness, the rush of ice water in our blood and bones and hearts.

The love song of the Earth and Sun is always here, within our own bodies. It is heard through our willingness to listen, our attention to our own bodies, and our ability to respond to the greater motions of the our planet.


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