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The Equinox brings a special time to the planet where light and dark meet in perfect balance - everywhere! No matter where you stand on the Earth, you are feeling her in precise alignment to the Sun, and being offered the experience of a day filled with “equal night”. Today is also the tipping point, the equilibrium which marks the passage into a new season, where, depending upon your position relative to the equator, darkness begins to overcome the light, or the growing light advances to surpass the dark. The veils are known to be thin at these times, amplifying the connection unseen realms. From now through Halloween we are in an in-between time where Spirit is strong and the edges and boundaries of existence are altered. We don’t need days like this to receive the sacred experience of being on Earth, to appreciate the wonder of being here, cycling through the heavens, traveling at the rate of 1.6 million miles per day, but it does feel as if there is special access to this incredible relationship to the cosmos at these moments, to the beauty of the journey, and the blessings found in both night and day, shadow and illumination.


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