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VENUS RISES/DAY OF THE DEAD ~ November 1, 2018

It’s the Day of the Dead. The veil is thin and spirits wander across the borders of reality. This year, the Old Souls called forth arrive alongside the bright star of Venus. She returns from a brief period of invisibility - a journey into underworld - and makes her way back into our sky as the magnetic Morning Star.

For the next three weeks Venus is at her brightest, at her closest distance from the Earth, and full of a special power. As Morning Star she is also known as Lucifer, the light-bringer.

Traditional astrological wisdom cautions against the passions and fervors that can arise in the initial brightness found in the Morning Star emergence.

We are stepping towards a sensitive passage of personal rebirth, an exciting yet unstable time where new light shines upon many delicate pieces and hidden shadows.

What will you do with this newfound brightness?

Be conscious of your light, be wise with the process. Use caution in how you spend your energy. Let the shadow be revealed and transformed alongside the intelligence of your heart. The ancestors are close, ancient guidance is within an arm’s reach. Let yourself be guided by the earth, the bare-bones of the trees, and your own body’s recalibrations as we transition toward the darkness of the year.


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