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It is always under the Libra Sun that we meet the Full Moon in Aries. Here we are presented with some examination of relationship that involves the negotiation needs between self and other. Each Full Moon incites a critical mass of a personal experience; today this apex involves our personal quest for independence and the ways we balance this with our need for connection to other, to the value we place on interpersonal exchange, and the ways we are pulled towards the experiences of reflection and communion.

In an exact square to Pluto, an even deeper cut exists beneath the illumination of today’s Moon. Pluto is a slow mover, one who rocks things at the core, the Lord of the Underworld who forces us to look at shadows we would otherwise avoid. At the apex of a precise t-square from the Sun and Moon, we may feel some strong undercurrents surrounding our relationship to power, control, hidden elements, riches, and other elements related to the dark influence of the subterranean realm.

True intimacy is developed through the navigation of challenge, through honest engagement, the willingness to be exposed and to hold another in their unmasked existence. Pluto is our cosmic purveyor of these invisible potentials, the god who stealthily moves us into positions where we are given the opportunity for this type of surrender. Whether in solitude or within the space of connection with another, we may lean into this tonight. Jupiter sends a supportive beam of light towards this Moon, offering his adventurous spirit into this deep work. The blessings flow best when we soften, when we allow what is there to be felt, witnessed, and moved in union with truth and integrity.

IMG: Dark Waters by Alexander Boden via flickr


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