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Today’s Full Moon comes on the heels of Mercury’s occultation. Opposite the transformational currents of Mercury’s Scorpio cazimi, the Moon enters the sustaining land of Taurus and our hearts get a chance to be in touch with something softer. Trines and sextiles weave the planets together tonight.

The Moon finds herself in a gentle relationship with both Saturn and Pluto and we are granted a lighter experience of the heavy work we’ve been doing as these planets transit Capricorn. Her sextile to Neptune generates opportunity, a chance for emotional growth involving the mystical waters of Pisces.

There is plenty of Earth and Water in the sky tonight, plus the warm encouragement of the benefics in the Fire sign of Sagittarius. Mars in Libra stands alone in an Air sign and, perhaps, this can be found as a sweet invitation to relax the mind tonight, to let ourselves feel more than think. From the Taurus Moon the sensual experience becomes available and we can allow the depth of feeling held by Scorpio to move through the body. Capricorn and Pisces offer yin qualities as well, drawing us down, reminding us of our receptive nature and the guidance we receive by opening to our interior spaces.

Tonight we can rest into this gentle fullness. Jupiter’s journey through Sagittarius is coming to a close and only weeks remain in this space where where his active, potentializing capacity finds this kind of support. The personal quests which have been prompted via Jupiter’s movements though his home territory are coming to a close, at least in this form. Right now, beneath the fullness of the Taurus Moon, we can let it all flow, trusting and allowing the particular wisdom of the night.


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