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At the center of the head and between the brows we find Ajna Chakra, often referred to at the Third Eye. This chakra is the center of inner vision, psychic clarity, and spiritual insight. It is here that the major masculine and feminine channels of the body merge and the vision of non-dual reality may be glimpsed.


When our Third Eye is open and balanced, we are able to understand world beyond a limited frame of mind. Our vision expands beyond what is immediately perceivable and we are able to use a vaster awareness to see the truth of our experience. Distortions related to Ajna Chakra involve over-intellectualizing, trouble with focus and self-discipline, confusion, psychic misperception, and poor self-image. Headaches, dizziness, confusion, memory problems, insomnia, and issues with vision all relate to the functioning of the 6th Chakra.

Meditation and other intuitive practices offered through energy healing support the awakening of this center and the connection to clairvoyant abilities. However, if Ajna Chakra is over-charged, bringing energy out of the head and down into the body is an important step in creating a balanced relationship with this energy center. Intuition developed here can deliver information via pictures, symbols, colors, and flashes of light. With a healthy, awakened 6th Chakra we are able to construct a positive self-image and to have a vision of the spiritual path of our lives.

Chakra: 6th

Physical location: between the brows (third eye)

Corresponding body parts, systems & organs: brain, nervous system, eyes

Element: none

Sense: none

Associated emotions & expressions (imbalanced): negative self-image & beliefs, confusion, over-intellectualization, inability to focus, psychosis

Associated qualities & life experiences: clairvoyance, visioning, self-perception, non-dual realization


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