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Above the heart we find the upper energy centers and the subtler expressions of the psycho-spiritual processes provided by the chakras. Vishudda, the 5th Chakra, is the last chakra in the ascent through the energy centers to hold an elemental correspondence. This chakra is located in the throat and is connected to the element of Ether, where we find matter in its subtlest form. Vishuddha's subtle resonance links us to sound, the vibratory current and its creative aspects, and the processes of communication.

When our 5th Chakra is functioning well, we are able to express ourselves and to use our voice to create our life. We are also able to listen to others and to tune into the silent messages of spirit. Issues with speaking and hearing, including tendencies towards shyness, gossip, blunt communication, and subtle deception relate to imbalances of this chakra.

Vishuddha connects to unseen wisdom, the voices of our spirit allies, and can also serve a doorway for less supportive messages from the human and spirit world. At this center there is the ability to experience powerful psychic sensitivity and to use the creative power of the word with great ability and intention. Energy healing can help us navigate through this territory, supporting the development of one's relationship to truth as well as to discernment.

Chakra: 5th

Physical location: throat

Corresponding body parts, systems & organs: throat, neck, shoulders, ears, mouth, jaw

Element: Ether

Sense: Hearing

Associated emotions & expressions (imbalanced): choked impulses, trouble speaking and listening, untruthfulness, gossip

Associated qualities & life experiences: speech, expression & communication, receiving guidance, creative command


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