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MERCURY’S 11/11 RETROGRADE & OCCULTATION ~ November 11, 2019

This month, we retreat with Mercury through the dark territory of Scorpio, receding into the deeper and hidden regions of our mind, our intimate internal worlds, and through those secretive inlets which remain held apart from the rest of our lives. What forms of Scorpionic intimacy do we tuck away, carefully shield from incursion? What emotional exposure must be guarded at all costs? And what remains taboo, even within our own heart and mind?

Scorpio is a sign of clear direction and focus, an already internally aware part of us which must now hold some type of reverse reckoning for a new awakening emerge. We may have to cross back over some deep-seated territory for more investigation. Our understanding of the process of surrender, of death, and of the hidden realms of life, are good areas to dig into, to allow to be breathed a bit during Mercury’s longer than usual sojourn through the intense waters of Scorpio.

Today’s cazimi brings us to a compelling point in this retrograde cycle. The fusing of energies between Mercury and the Sun can offer a moment of clarity and turn our minds in a direction previously unseen or ignored. All of this may be be given added power and potential due to Mercury’s relatively rare occultation. It’s certainly very cool to have the cazimi visible as it is today, to witness this spirited little planet making its way across the face of the Sun. We are aligned with Mercury’s North Node, available to an important part of Mercury’s own evolutionary trajectory. Themes of transformation and regeneration are stronger than usual and the virtues received from the pinpoint of the cazimi may be wondrously enhanced under this phenomenon.

Plus, it all happens on the 11/11 doorway of this year ✨✨

What we receive today may well involve a potent opportunity to release. Scorpio is a sign who knows it is death which grants us access to the depths. Transmutation occurs when the old way is surrendered; the mystery is glimpsed only when we are willing to face the darkness as well as the light. The inner power that Scorpio draws forth is found in commitment to the interior processes, the ability to be with the uncomfortable truths of life, and to allow the stillness to reveal what is ready to be known.


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