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✨ VENUS AND MARS BEGIN A NEW CYCLE ✨ ~ August 24, 2019 ~

For the next 48 hours, Venus and Mars merge through a conjunction in the sign of Virgo. It’s the beginning of a new synodic cycle involving the essential principles of male and female, god and goddess, masculine and feminine. These forms, found in both our inner and outer worlds, encounter new navigations of these dynamics.

This is an meeting of the forces of love and embodied beauty, war and strength, passion, attraction, pleasure, and destruction. It is in the early degrees of Virgo that these two begin their new dance - take up this next challenge and sow the seeds which initiate their new cycle.

Both are in the midst of the their own synodic (Sun) encounters.

Virgo is a sign which offers diligence and attends to the details, serves with devotion, provides wisdom involved with the harvest, the sacred in every day life, service and healing. Reception, assertion, attraction, and drive meet here today, in this field of the full harvest, on the mutable ground which exists between summer and fall. Sacred duty is involved with today's Venus-Mars initiation and careful considerations must be made for the next steps in their work together.

The weeks ahead bring more of the careful adjustments which naturally arrive at this point in the seasonal cycle. Mercury joins the Sun, Mars, and Venus here, in the sign of the Virgin Priestess, followed by the Moon (with her new lunar cycle beginning in Virgo). Dedications and re-dedications, thoughtful efforts, and precise offerings reflect the instinctive adjustments called for at this time of year. The celestial cues invite us to consider our personal work (no matter how small) as an offering to the sacred, to attend to our health, to the subtle cues of the body, and engage in practices of purification and preservation. It’s a space of transition where great wisdom can be found through relationship to the mundane. What may be most fruitful are small, meaningful actions made in service of carefully considered intention.


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